About Carol McCracken

Bible study teacher, speaker and author

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Carol McCracken has been a Bible teacher for twenty years.  She has served on church staff and women’s ministry for thirty years.  She presently owns a wedding planning company on the Gulf Coast.  She currently serves as Discipleship Minister at her local church. Her passion is to make the Bible come alive for women connecting it to a real relationship with Jesus. 

She loves to teach, learn and connect with women who live in a demanding world together. A goodhearted laugh is something she appreciates almost more than anything.

Carol has been through some things in which God has loved her enough to blatantly get her attention when she tried to go her own way. Yes, even a self- proclaimed Bible geek can get a little “independent”, shall we say. She found that discipline is not particularly fun, but loving fathers do it for their children. Surrender is not a word that came easily to her, but what a wonderful relationship it opened up to the One who sees the big picture of your life and wants only the best for you. (Even if you try and help the One who obviously doesn’t need any help.)

God allows us as ordinary women, to find an inner peace that is not taken aback by the continuing stresses and struggles of life.

How? Christians live real lives and are not perfect. They just recognize their need for Jesus. Carol can teach Biblical truths through real-life application and humor to connect women to their God-given purpose.

Carol doesn’t act like she has it all together, because she clearly doesn’t, if you know anything about her. Authentic ministry is at the heart of what she does. She has been tested just like you and has plenty of that real life application and humor to help connect women to their God-given purpose.

Carol’s new book is now available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback.

This is a compact non-fiction book, complete with scripture, so you don’t need a Bible on hand. It’s perfect to study alone, or in a small group study, as it’s complete with discussion questions.

If you think the only wisdom you have is in your wisdom teeth, you aren’t alone. These days everyone has an opinion or an answer for everything. But where do we find the right kind of wisdom? Is there a difference between God’s wisdom and our own? How can we make wise decisions when the world wants an answer yesterday? Wisdom is not hidden, but you may need a map to help you find it. This book will aid your search. Discover biblically proven techniques to help you make wise decisions amid the busyness of everyday life.